Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Santa's Grotto & Christmas Shopping

Today we went to Santa's Grotto and the kids got to talk to Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Santas Grotto

Santas Grotto1

Connor told Santa that he wanted chocolate coins. Santa asked him what else he wanted, and he said he wanted a racing car. (Later at home, he added chocolate syrup to his list.) Gabby told Santa that she wanted books that have to do with animals or animal toys. Santa asked her if she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, but she told him that she wants to be an artist who draws animals when she grows up. Santa told her that he would bring her paints and paint brushes for Christmas too. Isabella told Santa she wanted a Barbie for Christmas and some chocolate.

Then we did some shopping. One of the stores we went into was the Early Learning Centre. The kids love going there and playing with the toys. Gabby and Connor had me take their picture posing as the Early Learning Center elf.

Gabby Early Learning Center Elf

ConnorEarly Learning Center Elf

Cameron and Connor really liked the train set.

Cameron at the Early Learning Center

Connor & Cameron at the Early Learning Center

When we left to go home, we passed by a merry-go-round fair ride and the kids really wanted to ride on it, so we let them.

Cameron on ride

Connor & Gabby on ride

Bella on ride

Gabby on ride

Connor on ride

Connor on ride1

Cameron on ride1

Bella on ride1

Gabby on ride with Connor in background

Cameron on ride2

It was a fun day and the kids were happy with how we had spent it.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Happy Halloween!

Youngest 4 Fyfes Halloween 2010

The kids loved dressing up today. Cameron started out the day wearing a jack-o-lantern costume, and then changed into a cheeky devil costume for trick-or-treating. Gabriella wore a batgirl costume and she seemed to think that batgirl was supposed ot be evil, so she made her "evil face." Isabella dressed up as Tinkerbell, and Connor dressed up as a vampire.

Cameron Halloween 2010

Cameron1 Halloween 2010

Isabella Halloween 2010

Connor & Bella Halloween 2010

Connor Bella Gabby Halloween 2010

Youngest 4 Fyfes1 Halloween 2010

Bella1 Halloween 2010

Connor Halloween 2010

Gabby Halloween 2010

Gabby1 Halloween 2010

Trick-or-treating Halloween 2101

Trick-or-treating1 Halloween 2010

Cameron trick-or-treating Halloween 2010

Trick-or-treating2 Halloween 2010

Trick-or-treating3 Halloween 2010

Robert even wore his mask and costume tonight for answering the door.

Robert Halloween 2010

Kayla dressed up as Wednesday from The Adams Family. Angelica, who has a bit of sewing skills, made her own fairy costume. Her friend Kerri came over and dressed up as a vampiress.

Angelica & Kayla Halloween 2010

Angelica & Kayla1 Halloween 2010

Kerri angelica & Mercury Halloween 2010

Cameron got to trick-or-treat with his brothers and sisters at five houses. then he came home and Kayla, angelica and Kerri took Gabby, Bella and Connor to some more houses.

I made some ghost meringues.


I also made a jack-o-lantern candle holder and a ghost candle holder.

Ghost & jackolantern candle crafts Halloween 2010


Pagan followed the children around while they trick-or-treated, so I took his photo when he came home.

Pagan Halloween 2010

Angelica decided that she and Kerri wanted a photo with Pagan in it.

Kerri Angelica & Pagan Halloween 2010



I did not dress up this Halloween.

Mommy & Cameron Halloween 2010

Other photos from tonight:

Gabbys jackolantern Halloween 2010

Bellas jackolantern Halloween 2010

Connors jackolantern Halloween 2010

Angelicas jackolantern Halloween 2010

Angelica & her jackolantern Halloween 2010

Angelica & her jackolantern1 Halloween 2010

Cameron & Daddy Halloween 2010

Cameron & Daddy1 Halloween 2010

Cameron3 Halloween 2010

Cameron4 Halloween 2010