Friday, 28 May 2010

Angelica's 17th Birthday!

Today is Angelica's 17th birthday!

When she got home from school, we went to the park near our house and took some photos of her.

Angelicas 17th Birthday

Angelicas 17th Birthday1

Angelicas 17th Birthday2

Angelicas 17th Birthday3

Angelicas 17th Birthday4

Angelicas 17th Birthday5

Angelicas 17th Birthday6

Angelicas 17th Birthday7

Angelicas 17th Birthday8

Angelicas 17th Birthday9

Then it was time for her to open birthday presents.

Angelicas 17th Birthday37

Angelicas 17th Birthday38

Angelicas 17th Birthday39

And, as usual with Angelica, silliness ensued.

Angelicas 17th Birthday40

Angelicas 17th Birthday41

Angelicas 17th Birthday42

Angelicas 17th Birthday43

Then everyone got together in our living room to sing "Happy Birthday" to her and watch her blow out the candles on the birthday cake I made for her.

Angelicas 17th Birthday10

Angelicas 17th Birthday11

Angelicas 17th Birthday12

Angelicas 17th Birthday13

Angelicas 17th Birthday14

Shortly after that, some of her friends arrived to wish her a happy birthday.

Angelicas 17th Birthday15

And then the teenagers all went outside. First, I took some photos.

Angelicas 17th Birthday16

Angelicas 17th Birthday17

Angelicas 17th Birthday18

Angelicas 17th Birthday19

Angelicas 17th Birthday20

Angelicas 17th Birthday21

Then they took turns taking photos of each other while they all acted silly.

Angelicas 17th Birthday22

Angelicas 17th Birthday23

Angelicas 17th Birthday24

Angelicas 17th Birthday25

Angelicas 17th Birthday26

Angelicas 17th Birthday27

Angelicas 17th Birthday28

Angelicas 17th Birthday29

Angelicas 17th Birthday30

Angelicas 17th Birthday31

Angelicas 17th Birthday32

Angelicas 17th Birthday33

Angelicas 17th Birthday34

Angelicas 17th Birthday35

Angelicas 17th Birthday36

Overall, Angelica seemed to have had a wonderful time, and I'm really glad.

Happy Birthday, Angelica! I love you!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

My three year old Connor only has preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays mornings, so he was home with his baby brother Cameron and me today.

Today, being Tuesday, is the day that the garbage truck and recycle truck come by to pick up all of our garbage and recycling. Connor, being a typical little boy, loves trucks, so he put his shoes on and went outside to watch the trucks and the men working on them.

I made sure he left the door open so I could keep an eye on him. He climbed up and sat on our stone wall, and, within minutes, I could hear him yelling over the nose of the trucks, "Hi! Hi!" and looking out the door I could see that he was waving at the garbage men.

After a few minutes, I heard him yelling, "I like your truck! I like your truck!" He kept yelling it until the nearest garbage man acknowledged hearing it and gave him a little wave.

As they were leaving, he waved again and yelled, "Bye!"

Apparently, getting to watch the trucks and talk to the garbage men put him in a good mood, because when he came back inside, he became Mommy's Little Helper.

I mentioned that I needed to put away all of the toys before Cameron woke up. (There were toy cars and blocks all over the floor.) I was more talking to myself than to Connor when I said it, but instantly, he began picking up all of the toy cars and putting them away. He is not normally so helpful, so I thought I'd test him a bit. After praising him highly for being so helpful to me, I told him that next we needed to put away all of the blocks. And Connor did that too!

He knew I wanted to vacuum the floor, so he asked if he could do it. I let him vacuum and then just redid some of it when he had moved on to other things.

Mommys Little Helper 18 May 2010

Mommys Little Helper1

I really am truly proud of my little boy for being such a good helper today!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy US Mother's Day 2010!

Edge Of A Sunflower

In the United Kingdom, Mother's Day is celebrated in March, so I had my Mother's Day celebration already. But I am from California, and my mom still lives in the USA, so I am aware that, in the USA, today is Mother's Day.

So I would like to wish my mom, my sisters and all of my friends in the US who are mommies a very wonderful Mother's Day!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Happy 46th Birthday, Robert!


Today is Robert's 46th birthday!


The children all made him presents. I bought a binder and Gabby, Bella & Connor drew pictures for him and of him. Cameron, using acrylic paints and a bit of help from Mommy made handprints for Daddy. Connor, Bella, Gabby, Kayla and Angelica all made lists of ten reasons they love Daddy. Kayla, Angelica and Gabby wrote poems for him, and all of this was put into the binder.

Gabriella, Isabella, Connor and Cameron all made bookmarks for him and painted them pretty colors and patterns. I added the tassles to the bookmarks today. Gabby also painted a canvas picture for him. Her painting was full of flowers with bees and a butterfly. One of the flowers was shaped like a heart.

They all also had some small store-bought gifts for him, but I'm pretty sure it's the homemade ones that will stick in his memory and his heart.

Gabby, Bella and Connor all wanted to perform some songs they made up for his birthday in front of the camcorder as an extra gift for him, so I recorded their songs.

I made him a cake and decorated it for him using my limited artistic skills, and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him. (I only put 4 candles on his cake because I didn't have 46!)