Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Cameron is toddling all over the place now, but usually not more than 5 steps at a time. He still prefers the speed and stability of his crawling. It isn't going to be much longer though before he'll be running around with his brothers and sisters on his little chubby legs.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy Once-In-A-Blue-Moon New Year!

Happy New Year!

This New Year's Eve had a blue moon. A blue moon only happens once every 2.75 years, but a blue moon falling on a New Year's Eve only happens once every 19 years. Even more unique, a blue moon only falls on a New Year's Eve at the turn of a decade once ever 410 years or so! So last night's blue moon was a once in a lifetime event!

I'd like to think that it means we are all going to have a wonderful year in 2010!

New Years Day9 2010a

New Years Day1 2010a

I asked all of my children what wild and wonderful thing they would resolve to do this year if nothing was out of their reach. Here is what they came up with:

Victoria (18 years old): I want to defy physics by growing wings and flying.

Angelica (16 years old): I want to learn how to effectively predict the future and read people's minds. I want to develop superpowers like being able to fly. I want to find a talking mouse.

Kayla (15 years old): I want o be allowed to join the police force while I'm still a teenager.

Gabriella (7 years old): I want to fight evil knights (and win).

Isabella (4 years old): I want to become a mermaid.

Connor (3 years old): I want to drive a fire engine and get a real dinosaur.

Cameron (1 years old): He's too young to choose something on his own, so I figured he'd probably like to take his first steps.

Robert: Write a blockbuster novel and make lots of money from it.

Me: Write a blockbuster novel and make lots of money from it.

New Years Day7 2010a

We actually have more practical New Year's resolutions which are these:

1 - Write my book.
2 - Get fit.
3 - Join a club like archery or judo.
4 - Take dancing lessons.

1 - Get work experience at a veterinary hospital, farm, clinic or animal rescue shelter.
2 - Finish making my dresses.
3 - Get a part-time job.
4 - Take archery lessons.
5 - Get As in all of my classes.
6 - Find time to write stories.
7 - Find time to paint.
8 - Learn to drive.
9 - Get a microscope.
10 - "I also have 'save the world' as one of my goals, but I have mini-goals for that."

(I will stop there. Angelica actually had a list of about 50 things.)

1 - Visit America again.
2 - Take dance lessons.
3 - Learn to play the piano.
4 - Get horseriding lessons.
5 - Write a book.
6 - Join some sort of karate classes or self-defence classes.
7 - Find work experience ata police station.
8 - Get As in all of my exams.
9 - Get my hair restyled.
10 - Get my book published.

1 – Get my New Year’s pictures taken.
2 - Taste new foods.
3 - Watch new shows.
4 - Use my imagination as much as I can.

1 - Have my own tabby kitten.
2 - Spend more time at school, because I love my school.
3 - Get a new Christmas stocking.
4 - Get a mermaid puzzle.

1 - Get more fire engines to play with.
2 - Get more dinosaur toys to play with.

Again, Cameron is too young to choose something for himself, so I'll suggest that he would like to learn how to communicate better with the rest of his family.

1 - Spend more time writing.
2 - Save up to buy a decent graphics tablet (because mine broke).

1 - Lose the last 10 lbs to get to my goal weight.
2 - Finish my NaNoWriMo novel and edit it to get it ready to send out.
3 - Continue adding designs to my Zazzle shops and Moonduster's.
4 - De-clutter my house (one corner of a room at a time).
5 - Learn to knit. (Tried this one three years running now. Hopefully, the 3rd time is the charm!)
6 - Learn some rudimentary illustration skills to help me with my three children's stories.
7 - Finish putting together Gabby's books (from the last two years) and Bella's book.
8 - Learn some simple html skills to help make my shops more pleasing to the eye.
9 - Increase the amount of blog posts I make on my main three blogs.
10 - Get my new business Your Kids' Creations up and running.

New Years Day6 2010a

New Years Day3 2010a

New Years Day12 2010

New Years Day13 2010

New Years Day14 2010

New Years Day15 2010

New Years Day18 2010

New Years Day 2010a

New Years Day5 2010

2009 had a couple of good things going for it, one being all of the weight Robert and I lost over the year. But there were also some not so good things that ocurred during 2009, so I am looking forward to a much better 2010 to come.

You can see pictures of us on New Year's Eve, the last evening of 2009, here.