Friday, 30 April 2010

Flowers From Connor

Flowers From Connor1

Yesterday, Robert left to go to the shop up the road from us to buy a few ingredients for dinner. Connor went with him. When they got home, Connor knocked on the door. I opened the door and found Connor on the other side, holding up a bouquet of red carnations towards me and saying loudly, "I LIKE you, Mommy!" His daddy whispered to him "Love, Connor; you were supposed to say 'I love you!'"

Connor gave me a big hug and told me he loved me. He said he chose the flowers because they were red and red is his favorite color. When I asked him why red is his favorite color, he reminded me that fire engines are red. (He is crazy about fire engines.)

Flowers From Connor

I put the bouquet in a vase and set the vase on my living room window sill. Throughout the rest of the day, he kept pointing out the flowers to me and kept saying, "I bought those flowers for you, Mommy" with absolute pride in his voice. I took a picture of him today with the flowers, and he couldn't have been more pleased.

Flowers From Connor2

Happily, I get to sit here and see those flowers sitting in a vase in my window and be reminded how much I am loved by my little boy and how very lucky I am.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


We took Cameron, Connor, Isabella, Gabriella and Kayla for a picnic at the park today. Angelica was doing work experience at the vet's, so she couldn't come. Our friend Helen joined us with three of her four children, Rosie, Tyler and Jay. Tyler and Connor are best friends. Gabby and Jay are in the same class at school and are good friends too.

We started with a picnic on a grassy field when we first arrived at the park. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their lunch and the treats afterward (which is obvious by the chocolate smudges on their mouths in most of the photos).

Next, the children wanted to go to the park's lake and feed the ducks. The sun was bright up in the sky at the time.

1 Lydiard Park
2 Lydiard Park
3 Lydiard Park
4 Lydiard Park
5 Lydiard Park
7 Lydiard Park
9 Lydiard Park
15 Lydiard Park

Then it was time for some running across the field and rolling down the sloping areas of it.

11 Lydiard Park
16 Lydiard Park
17 Lydiard Park
18 Lydiard Park
19 Lydiard Park
20 Lydiard Park

But, for one of the children, there was a preferred way to travel than to walk or run.

21 Lydiard Park

There were a lot of people there who had brought along their dogs.

22 Lydiard Park

Next, we all moved to the playground area so the children could play on the equipment.

23 Lydiard Park
24 Lydiard Park
25 Lydiard Park
26 Lydiard Park
27 Lydiard Park
28 Lydiard Park
30 Lydiard Park
32 Lydiard Park
33 Lydiard Park
34 Lydiard Park
36 Lydiard Park
38 Lydiard Park

After all of the fun on the play equipment was over, we took the kids into the little cafe at the park and bought them all ice creams. They played in a little soft-play area inside there and then we all went home. It was a lovely and fun day in the sunshine. There's nothing better than spending a good day out in the bright sunshine surrounded by family and friends.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Cameron's 1st Haircut

Despite the fact that I knew it would remove his beautiful baby curls, it was finally time to give in and let Cameron get his first haircut. We have our own trimming set, so it was up to Robert to cut Cameron's hair.

We both worried a little bit because our son Connor is terrified of getting his hair cut with the trimmer and usually fights us while we do his hair. We hoped that Cameron would do better, and he did! He smiled throughout most of the haircut. Towards the end, he started getting a bit bored, but that was a pretty natural response.

And, as I always notice when Connor gets his hair cut too, Cameron's eyes looked so much bigger with his hair really short. He's a gorgeous baby boy.

And the good news is that, because Cameron had been so calm during his hair cut, when we cut Connor's hair afterwards, Connor was not as fearful or bothered by the process and did not fight us!

1 Camerons 1st Haircut

2 Camerons 1st Haircut

3 Camerons 1st Haircut

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fun With The Kids

While I was exercising on the elliptical crosstrainer today, Robert took the kids outside to play. We have a compost bin that has yet to be used. Connor, Isabella and Gabby decided to play in it, and Robert took some really cute photos of them. Then he took some photos of Cameron and the three of them sitting together in our back garden. For some of the photos, they tried making silly faces.

They all look like they were having fun; don't they?

Fun in the compost bin 11 April 2010 sm
Fun in the compost bin 11 April 2010 sm1
Fun in the compost bin 11 April 2010 sm2
Fyfe Littles 11 April 2010 sm
Fyfe Littles 11 April 2010 sm1
Fyfe Littles being silly 11 April 2010 sm

More Photos Of Our Border Collie (Plus Some Of His Friends)

Today was not as sunny as yesterday, but we still took our dog Mercury out for some fun in the sun. He loves playing fetch, and really enjoyed getting to meet lots of other dogs who were out with their own owners.

Mercury 11 April 2010 sm
Mercury 11 April 2010 sm1
Mercury 11 April 2010 sm2
Mercury 11 April 2010 sm3
Mercury 11 April 2010 sm4
Mercury 11 April 2010 sm5

Here are some of the friends Mercury met along the way.

Dog Friend 11 April 2010
Dog Friend 11 April 2010 3
Dog Friend 11 April 2010 1

This little sheltie was a real sweety! He was more interested in making sure that he got plenty of attention and petting from Robert and me than he was in playing with Mercury.

Dog Friend 11 April 2010 2