Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

I took the three youngest kids out to a few houses tonight to trick-or-treat. Gabriella was a "pirate cheerleader" (wearing a black and silver cheerleading costume with skull and crossbone designs all over it) Isabella was a shaggy dog and Connor was a skeleton. I took pictures and will share one or two of them tomorrow.

Angelica and Kayla dressed up and took Gabby and Bella out for a lot more trick-or-treating, and then the two of them brought them home and left to go meet up with friends.

Gabby wanted to watch "Ghostbusters," but we didn't have time, so she'll probably watch it tomorrow.

We didn't get our Halloween decorations up until last night. Isabella and Gabriella were so excited about the decorations! Bella kept saying, "This is the best Halloween ever!" and "I love Halloween!" while Gabby kept saying, "Halloween is my favorite!"

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A Card For Santa

I just found a card addressed to Santa sitting on my husband's desk. Apparently, 6 year old Gabby made a Christmas card for Santa. Inside she added a note that says, "Santa, I fot nobudy wud gif you a card so I did." Awwwww!!!!!

I have such great kids!

Another One Sick!

While it finally looks like the youngest three who've been sick for most of this week are better now, Angelica, my fifteen year old, woke up early this morning to throw up. So we are not past this horrible virus yet! *sigh*

Monday, 27 October 2008

Connor isn't better yet either

The morning after Robert stayed up with a sick Gabby and I stayed up with a sick Bella, Connor started throwing up again. We spent one night, finally, last night, with no one throwing up, and so far everything is calm today, but I'm just waiting for the next bout of this in one of the kids, or for one of the teens to come down with it.

If Connor and Gabby follow the pattern that Bella had for this illness, then Connor should start doing better but Gabby should still have another day or two of this.

I was feeling ill last night, but I think it was caused more by being overtired than anything.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Isabella is not better yet

With Connor being sick and Gabriella falling ill too, I thought that Isabella was past the illness mostly. She had not thrown up for a day and a half, but she still was barely eating. Well, she woke up last night having thrown up all over herself and her bed again. So while Robert stayed up all night with Gabby, I stayed up all night with Bella.

Connor ate dinner last night and everything stayed down. He had some toast for breakfast today too, and still seems okay. Isabella decided she could have some toast. She ate it and then fell asleep. I sure hope it doesn't come back up!

I am so ready for this virus to have passed us by!

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Wednesday night, Robert and I were awakened to a crying Isabella (our three year old) who had just thrown up all over herself and her bed. It was ten minutes to 1:00am. After cleaning her and her bedding up, giving her a bowl and having it happen again two more times, I went downstairs with her and stayed up to catch her with the bowl in hand before she threw up each time. At 9:00am, she threw up for the last time, and the rest of the day, she was tired but seemed okay otherwise.

The next day, Friday morning, when Connor (our two year old) woke up at around 7:00am, I noticed he didn't seem well. He started throwing up too. He threw up less often than Isabella did, but his illness lasted longer and made more mess because he had less warning and refused to let the bowl be anywhere near him. He kept running a fever too. His last time of vomitting was at 11:00am today. But he ate dinner tonight and everything stayed down and he started acting more like himself.

Kayla (our 14 year old) is absolutely brave and caring for her age. At one point yesterday, Connor was cuddling up to her and threw up all over her. After showering and changing clothes, she came back downstairs and let him cuddle up to her again. Not a lot of girls her age would have done that, and I'm really proud of her.

Today, Robert took Gabriella (our 6 year old) and two of her friends (Adam and Hannah) to see the Disney movie Igor, and then to McDonald's. It was a treat for her because she didn't get a birthday party this year. She had a great time. But this evening at about 5:30pm, she told us she didn't feel well and needed a bowl. She has thrown up several times since then. She recently told me as she lay there suffering that she still had a mostly good day because of the first part of the day.

I really, really hope neither of her two friends get sick from being around her today. I honestly did not expect her to fall ill with this.

Robert is starting to not feel well now. The only three who haven't caught this awful virus so far are Angelica, Kayla and me. I sure hope none of us get it!

Really great ultrasound photo of baby Cameron!

I had an ultrasound last Tuesday when I was 35 weeks and 4 days along.

It's a better picture than I usually get at these things!

Baby Cameron 35 weeks 4 days

I have another ultrasound on November 4th.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Gabby's 6th Birthday Photos!

Here are some photos of Gabby on her 6th birthday. I haven't uploaded the ones of her getting her first haircut that day yet though.

She was given no instructions. She chose all of her poses herself. LOL!

Gabbys 6th Birthday23
Gabbys 6th Birthday20
Gabbys 6th Birthday19
Gabbys 6th Birthday18
Gabbys 6th Birthday17
Gabbys 6th Birthday16
Gabbys 6th Birthday15
Gabbys 6th Birthday13
Gabbys 6th Birthday12
Gabbys 6th Birthday10
Gabbys 6th Birthday09
Gabbys 6th Birthday08
Gabbys 6th Birthday06
Gabbys 6th Birthday05
Gabbys 6th Birthday04
Gabbys 6th Birthday03
Gabbys 6th Birthday02
Gabbys 6th Birthday
Gabbys 6th Birthday01

(Some of the images are cut off due to the spacing on the blog, but if you click on them, you'll get to see the whole picture.)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Gabriella!

Today is my sweet Gabriella's 6th birthday. She opened presents from family (and her godmother) when she woke up this morning. Then she rode her new scooter with me to the store to pick up some mini chocolate muffins to hand out to her class in celebration of her special day. She wore a giant button that said, "Birthday Girl" on it so that everyone would know it was her birthday. :)

After school, her dad came home early to pick her up. She opened some more gifts. Her friend from school Connor had given her a birthday present. Her godfather Pete had dropped a present off for her, and her granddad and nana had left a card with birthday money. She also had a card from her friend Kieran.

Then I took her to the beauty salon for her first ever haircut. She was very excited about it! And it looked lovely!

Then we went to the park and took some birthday photos of her. I will try to get them uploaded to share tomorrow.

In the meantime, her dad was finishing frosting and decorating her birthday cake. After dinner, we all sang happy birthday to her and had some chocolate birthday cake.

She had a wonderful day, and I was struck once again by how sweet and charming a personality she has.