Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

And before you ask, yes, we all wore green today.
Angelica Saint Patricks Day 2010
Kayla Saint Patricks Day1 2010 Kayla Saint Patricks Day 2010
Gabriella Saint Patricks Day 2010
Isabella Saint Patricks Day 2010
Connor Saint Patricks Day 2010
Cameron Saint Patricks Day 2010
Becky Saint Patrick's Day 2010

(Please forgive the state we were in for the photos. Connor and Cameron had messy faces from having just eaten dinner, one of Isabella's pigtails was falling out, and I was having a bad hair day.)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Today is Mother's Day in the UK. Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!

My 16 year old daughter decided she wanted me to get dressed up today and go to the park so she could take photos of me. I think it was just payback for all of the times I have made her and the other kids do the same!

Mothers Day 2010

I actually wore a red dress too. I rarely wear red because, in general, I don't think it is a good color with my red hair and freckles. But I think it looked okay this time. The wind was blowing my hair all over the place making it look really messy, and it was really, really cold. Not to mention I did not have a red bra to wear underneath, so my black bra showed up a bit. And yes, I am very, very pale.

Mothers Day1 2010

Mothers Day2 2010

Before all of that though, my younger kids woke me up in bed to bring me their gifts and cards and to bring me breakfast in bed (cereal). Gabby bought me a notebook with a matching pen. Isabella bought me a little figurine of a blonde girl which had a cute saying about mothers on it, and Connor bought me the same but the figurine was of a little boy. Victoria showed up with a tiny stuffed beanie Eeyore that was wearing a dinosaur costume. I got cards from everyone.

Not one person bought me chocolates. I wonder why that is. ;)

Actually, Connor made me a little paper purse at school that had two Thornton's chocolates in it. The problem with it was that he brought it home last Wednesday and, between Wednesday and today, he ate the chocolates.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fairy Magic Photos Opportunity! (possible freebie!)

Fairy Magic Photos

Fairy Magic Photos is giving a few people an opportunity that can't be beat! If you'd like a Fairy Magic Photo of your own, now is your chance as they are looking for 10 models for advertising. Please go to the discussion board at Fairy Magic Photos' Facebook page and let them know if you would like to be considered. Remember moms these pictures could be of your children. Or you could have a fairy photo created of you!

My husband is the artist that creates these photos, and when he decided to offer this chance, I had to share it with my readers, because these pictures are a $75 to $150 value! There are some conditions, but it's still a really great chance for a Fairy Magic photo of your own!

This is perfect for the little princess in your life!