Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cameron 7 weeks 5 days

Cameron was having an alert moment, so we decided to get a couple of minutes of video of him.

Friday, 16 January 2009


My friend Tracy gave us a little snowsuit gift for Cameron shortly after he was born. It was very sweet of her and it has come been really useful because we've had some seriously cold weather here lately!

I took some photos of Cameron in the snowsuit when he was just a little over two weeks old (Dec. 15th).
Cameron in snowsuit1 15 Dec 08
Cameron in snowsuit 15 Dec 08

He was asleep in the photos, so I took some more photos about four days ago (Jan. 12th).
Cameron in snowsuit2 12 Jan 09
Cameron in snowsuit1 12 Jan 09
Cameron in snowsuit 12 Jan 09
Cameron in snowsuit3 12 Jan 09

Another Friend's Gift

A sweet friend of mine sent a t-shirt and gift for baby Cameron prior to his birth. Both gifts are really cute! And it was very sweet of her to send them.

The t-shirt is still a little big on Cameron, but the bib can be worn at any size, so a few days ago, I took some photos of Cameron wearing the bib. I've bought these bibs in the past, but I remembered them as being smaller. The bib looks huge on Cameron, but maybe it's just because Cameron is so tiny. Either way, the bib has come in handy because Cameron spits up often.

Cameorn in penguin bib 13 Jan 09
Cameorn in penguin bib1 13 Jan 09
Cameron in penguin bib3 13 Jan 09

Way Too Big!

I bought Connor a Prince Charming long-sleeved dark kids' shirt from my Princess Parade shop at Printfection. I had bought a white kid's short-sleeved tee version of it previously from my Cafe Press Fyfe Photography shop, and he got lots of nice comments on it. Unfortunately, the white and light t-shirts stain easily and Cafe Press only offered white and light colors in Connor's size. So I bought the long-sleeved dark kids tee from my Printfection shop this time.

It's HUGE! I don't mean it is a little big on him; I mean it's gigantic! It is supposed to be a size 2-4. Connor is a tall-for-his-age 2 1/2 year old. Here's how the shirt looked on him:
Connor in Printfection long sleeved tee 16 Jan 09

So now I am e-mailing Printfection for a refund. *sigh* I was looking forward to Connor wearing this shirt. Darn it!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

When To Potty Train

A friend came over last week with her kids. Her two year old is potty trained. Connor, my two year old, is not.

I tell myself that he is not ready yet. But is it that he is not ready, or is it that I am not ready? Potty training is very time-intensive. There will be times when I will have to make him sit on the potty when he would rather not. There will be accidents to clean up. There will be toting the portable potty training seat up the stairs to dump into the toilet, clean and bring back downstairs. There will be a lot of time involved in his potty training.

But there will also be a lot of money saved in not having to buy him diapers.

Is he ready? I'm not sure.

When Isabella was potty training last summer, Connor used to pull his pants down and sit on her portable potty training seat after she got up. His diaper was still on at the time, but nevertheless, he wanted to train too. Maybe that's enough for me to say he's ready.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Our 7th Anniversary Date

Robert and I went out to dinner for our 7th wedding anniversary.

We then went out to eat. Robert chose a Chinese restaurant. He ordered a chicken dish for our starter. He was going to order duck, but I don't like duck. Then I had chicken chow mein and chilli beef. I didn't eat much of the chilli beef because I didn't like the way it was prepared. The texture and taste suggested that they just fried up the fat of the meat for the dish (as if frying it wasn't fattening enough), and I was unimpressed with the flavor. Then we had a decadent caramel and chocolate ice cream dessert.

Robert presented me with yet another anniversary gift - some beautiful earrings he bought at a jewelry store. I was perfectly happy with my shawl and rose, so he didn't need to give me anything else. I love the earrings though! I wasn't wearing any, so I put them on right away.

When we got home last night, my daughter Kayla took a couple of pictures of us.
Becky & Robert 7th anniversary 05 Jan 09
Becky & Rob kiss 7th anniversary 05 Jan 09

Monday, 5 January 2009

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary

Today is Robert's and my 7th wedding anniversary. Traditional gifts are suppposed to be wool, and it's been snowing here, so I gave him a wool hat and gloves and he bought me a beautiful, soft, black shawl. (It's not actually wool, because he knows I am allergic to wool.) He also bought me a sentimental card and a single red rose.

I would have liked to have found his wedding ring that he lost due to losing so much weight that it fell off his finger, but it never was found. I'll be buying him a new one soon, because he misses it. But the new one won't be as special as the first one which I put on his finger as I said my vows.

We have our weigh-in tonight, but we will not be staying for the meeting. We are going out for dinner tonight instead.

In all of these seven years (and before), I have never once doubted how much he loves me, and I have never had any reason to question my love for him.

Happy anniversary, Robert!

Snow Day

It snowed a tiny bit and the kids wanted to go play in it. Connor wasn't to impressed with the snow and would only step out into it for a photo and would come quickly back to me in the doorway. Gabby was determined to make a snowman. One of the pictures is of her holding her "snowman." Bella liked throwing snowballs at Gabby and one of the pictures is of Isabella holding snowball. Cameron didn't venture out into the snow at all, but spent his first snow day snuggled up warm indoors, sleeping.

Connor Snowy Day 05 Jan 2009
Connor Snowy Day1 05 Jan 2009
Connor & Bella Snowy Day 05 Jan 09
Gabby & Bella Snowy Day 05 Jan 2009
Connor & Bella Snowy Day1 05 Jan 09
Gabby Snowy Day 05 Jan 2009
Connor Snowy Day2 05 Jan 2009
Bella Snowy Day1 05 Jan 2009
Cameron cozy & warm on Snowy Day 05Jan09

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

With the exception of giving birth to my gorgeous baby Cameron, losing 65 pounds and gaining some great sales months in my on-line shops, 2008 was not a great year. I'm definitely looking forward to a fabulous 2009!

I hope 2009 brings you all the things you hope for! Happy New Year!