Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Our 7th Anniversary Date

Robert and I went out to dinner for our 7th wedding anniversary.

We then went out to eat. Robert chose a Chinese restaurant. He ordered a chicken dish for our starter. He was going to order duck, but I don't like duck. Then I had chicken chow mein and chilli beef. I didn't eat much of the chilli beef because I didn't like the way it was prepared. The texture and taste suggested that they just fried up the fat of the meat for the dish (as if frying it wasn't fattening enough), and I was unimpressed with the flavor. Then we had a decadent caramel and chocolate ice cream dessert.

Robert presented me with yet another anniversary gift - some beautiful earrings he bought at a jewelry store. I was perfectly happy with my shawl and rose, so he didn't need to give me anything else. I love the earrings though! I wasn't wearing any, so I put them on right away.

When we got home last night, my daughter Kayla took a couple of pictures of us.
Becky & Robert 7th anniversary 05 Jan 09
Becky & Rob kiss 7th anniversary 05 Jan 09

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