Friday, 16 January 2009

Another Friend's Gift

A sweet friend of mine sent a t-shirt and gift for baby Cameron prior to his birth. Both gifts are really cute! And it was very sweet of her to send them.

The t-shirt is still a little big on Cameron, but the bib can be worn at any size, so a few days ago, I took some photos of Cameron wearing the bib. I've bought these bibs in the past, but I remembered them as being smaller. The bib looks huge on Cameron, but maybe it's just because Cameron is so tiny. Either way, the bib has come in handy because Cameron spits up often.

Cameorn in penguin bib 13 Jan 09
Cameorn in penguin bib1 13 Jan 09
Cameron in penguin bib3 13 Jan 09


  1. Aww, he looks adorable. Consider his little face kissed all over. :) You were right, it does look huge on him.