Tuesday, 13 January 2009

When To Potty Train

A friend came over last week with her kids. Her two year old is potty trained. Connor, my two year old, is not.

I tell myself that he is not ready yet. But is it that he is not ready, or is it that I am not ready? Potty training is very time-intensive. There will be times when I will have to make him sit on the potty when he would rather not. There will be accidents to clean up. There will be toting the portable potty training seat up the stairs to dump into the toilet, clean and bring back downstairs. There will be a lot of time involved in his potty training.

But there will also be a lot of money saved in not having to buy him diapers.

Is he ready? I'm not sure.

When Isabella was potty training last summer, Connor used to pull his pants down and sit on her portable potty training seat after she got up. His diaper was still on at the time, but nevertheless, he wanted to train too. Maybe that's enough for me to say he's ready.

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  1. My SIL is beginning potty training with my nephew, who will be 2 in around 10 days.

    Since she has the twins to buy nappies for, it will be one less expense...Also he's holding it in and saying when he needs a pee/poop, so she felt it was time.

    Maybe he's ready, maybe he's not. SIL has been debating this for at least a month or so now...I know I've not answered any questions or anything, but just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in taking time to come to your decision!