Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year's Day 2012!

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family!

We spent New Year's Eve as a family playing board games and snacking on party food, and then moved into the living room to watch the New Year arrive on the TV with a fireworks display in London.

Fyfe Family Children New Years 2012

This was taken with my mobile phone right after we cheered the new year. Robert was beside me so he didn't make it into the photo, and you can just see Kayla in the bottom left corner.

This is the tail end of our "Happy New Year's cheer:

And just after:

Some New year's wishes for you from the youngest four Fyfes.

From Cameron (age 3):

And because he wanted to be on video again:

From Connor (age 5):

From Isabella (age 6):

From Gabriella (age 9):

It's a sort of tradition in my family on New Year's Eve for everyone to say at least three things that they want to achieve in the new year.

Here's the list my children gave me, from youngest to oldest.

Cameron (age 3):
- to see fireworks (His siblings told him there would be fireworks last night, so that is what he had on his mind.)
- to get more hugs and cuddles
- to go to school

Connor (age 5):
- to see fireworks (see above explanation)
- to go shopping more often
- to see Nana and Grandad more often

Isabella (age 6):
- to learn more at school, especially in science, reading and numbers
- to see Nana and Grandad more often
- to get a new pet kitten

Gabriella (age 9):
- to learn to maintain her bike (cleaning it, oiling the gears, etc.)
- to start walking places on her own
- to go to a special art school
- to learn to shade better in her drawings

Kayla (age 17):
- to learn at least 7 different languages
- to learn Judo
- to learn ballroom and Latin-American dancing
- to get her driver's license and a car for the family
- to become a firefighter when 18

Angelica (age 18):
- to join Parkour (a kind of running and fast-movement group)
- to learn martial arts
- to increase her muscle tone and increase her flexibility through exercise
- to pass all of her University courses
- to start the cat army invasion (inside joke with her flatmates)

Victoria (age 20):
- to finish writing her novel "Bark Lord"
- to learn to play the ukelele
- to start a writing YouTube channel

Josh (my son-in-law, age 22):
- to start on a bookkeeping course
- to learn martial arts
- to start a tree climbing YouTube channel

And here's the list from Robert and me:
- maintain job security

- to achieve specific writing goals
- to get the ten pounds I gained in the middle of 2011 back off
- to do more crafts with my children

It's good to make goals for yourself, whether they are goals for the year or goals that you hope to achieve in a more long-term sense. And the new year is always a popular time to set those goals.