Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

I took the three youngest kids out to a few houses tonight to trick-or-treat. Gabriella was a "pirate cheerleader" (wearing a black and silver cheerleading costume with skull and crossbone designs all over it) Isabella was a shaggy dog and Connor was a skeleton. I took pictures and will share one or two of them tomorrow.

Angelica and Kayla dressed up and took Gabby and Bella out for a lot more trick-or-treating, and then the two of them brought them home and left to go meet up with friends.

Gabby wanted to watch "Ghostbusters," but we didn't have time, so she'll probably watch it tomorrow.

We didn't get our Halloween decorations up until last night. Isabella and Gabriella were so excited about the decorations! Bella kept saying, "This is the best Halloween ever!" and "I love Halloween!" while Gabby kept saying, "Halloween is my favorite!"

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