Saturday, 25 October 2008


Wednesday night, Robert and I were awakened to a crying Isabella (our three year old) who had just thrown up all over herself and her bed. It was ten minutes to 1:00am. After cleaning her and her bedding up, giving her a bowl and having it happen again two more times, I went downstairs with her and stayed up to catch her with the bowl in hand before she threw up each time. At 9:00am, she threw up for the last time, and the rest of the day, she was tired but seemed okay otherwise.

The next day, Friday morning, when Connor (our two year old) woke up at around 7:00am, I noticed he didn't seem well. He started throwing up too. He threw up less often than Isabella did, but his illness lasted longer and made more mess because he had less warning and refused to let the bowl be anywhere near him. He kept running a fever too. His last time of vomitting was at 11:00am today. But he ate dinner tonight and everything stayed down and he started acting more like himself.

Kayla (our 14 year old) is absolutely brave and caring for her age. At one point yesterday, Connor was cuddling up to her and threw up all over her. After showering and changing clothes, she came back downstairs and let him cuddle up to her again. Not a lot of girls her age would have done that, and I'm really proud of her.

Today, Robert took Gabriella (our 6 year old) and two of her friends (Adam and Hannah) to see the Disney movie Igor, and then to McDonald's. It was a treat for her because she didn't get a birthday party this year. She had a great time. But this evening at about 5:30pm, she told us she didn't feel well and needed a bowl. She has thrown up several times since then. She recently told me as she lay there suffering that she still had a mostly good day because of the first part of the day.

I really, really hope neither of her two friends get sick from being around her today. I honestly did not expect her to fall ill with this.

Robert is starting to not feel well now. The only three who haven't caught this awful virus so far are Angelica, Kayla and me. I sure hope none of us get it!

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