Friday, 3 October 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Gabriella!

Today is my sweet Gabriella's 6th birthday. She opened presents from family (and her godmother) when she woke up this morning. Then she rode her new scooter with me to the store to pick up some mini chocolate muffins to hand out to her class in celebration of her special day. She wore a giant button that said, "Birthday Girl" on it so that everyone would know it was her birthday. :)

After school, her dad came home early to pick her up. She opened some more gifts. Her friend from school Connor had given her a birthday present. Her godfather Pete had dropped a present off for her, and her granddad and nana had left a card with birthday money. She also had a card from her friend Kieran.

Then I took her to the beauty salon for her first ever haircut. She was very excited about it! And it looked lovely!

Then we went to the park and took some birthday photos of her. I will try to get them uploaded to share tomorrow.

In the meantime, her dad was finishing frosting and decorating her birthday cake. After dinner, we all sang happy birthday to her and had some chocolate birthday cake.

She had a wonderful day, and I was struck once again by how sweet and charming a personality she has.

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