Sunday, 29 November 2009

Captain Mac A. Roni "The Greatest Treasure" Review by Bella & Gabby

I was sent a free copy of the DVD "Captain Mac A. Roni - The Greatest Treasure" to review.

First off, I have to say that it is not like a Disney or Pixar movie in that it does not pull an adult's interest in, but it was created with kids in mind and attempts to teach kids about the value of love and sharing. It's a cute and simple cartoon video, and as it is aimed at children, I decided that it would only be appropriate to let my kids review it themselves.

With that in mind, I have this video to share with you. My 7 year old daughter Gabby and 4 year old daughter Bella watched the video this morning. They both enjoyed the video, but Bella had a case of shyness when I videoed her to ask what she thought of it.

Take a look at the video and listen to what they thought of it and decide for yourself whether or not it would be a good Christmas gift for your own kids. You can buy the Captain Mac.A.Roni Children's DVD here.

*I received a product for this review on behalf of the company. All opinions are solely my own. Others who may use this product or service may have different opinions.*

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