Friday, 4 June 2010

The Mommy Fly

With some much warmer weather arriving, we have had our windows open more often. Because of this, there have been a few flies that have been getting into the house.

Connor, my three year old, was very worried about a large fly that was buzzing loudly aorund the living room today. I explained to him that flies won't harm him, and that the fly was only looking for a way to get back outside.

That's when four year old Isabella chimed in.

"I saw a dead fly in the window! It was a little fly."


"It was just a baby fly and this fly" (indicating the large fly buzzing around the room) "is the Mommy fly. The Mommy fly is very sad that her baby fly is dead."

I explained to Bella that flies don't have those types of relationships with their offspring. They just lay the "eggs" and leave.

"Not THIS fly," Bella insisted. "This Mommy fly LOVES her baby fly and she is very sad that it is dead. She is so sad that she is not going to leave. She's going to stay with her dead baby fly."

Nothing I said convinced her otherwise.

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