Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gabby's Haircut

I cut Gabby's very long hair today. It is now just a tiny bit below her shoulders. We will be sending the hair to The Little Princess Trust to help create wigs for children with cancer.

Gabby haircut1 21 July 2010

Gabby haircut 21 July 2010

For an idea of just how long her hair was before, here are some photos of her last October on her 7th birthday. Her hair has not been cut since.


  1. Adorable little girl and what a nice thing to do for some one else.
    Was it her idea to get her hair cut or your suggestion?

  2. Thanks, Grace! I suggested it, but she jumped at the idea once I explained to her what it would be for. Previously, on my Princess Parade blog, I ran a fundraiser for the Little Princess Trust. I'll be donating my hair too.

  3. How wonderful! Your family is beautiful!