Monday, 30 August 2010

Connor's 4th Birthday!

Today is Connor's 4th birthday.

I hadn't really planned a birthday party for him this year, but after recently celebrating his sister's 5th birthday with a party, he expected a party too. Thankfully, I invited his best friend Tyler over and Tyler's brother and sisters too. Tyler has an older brother Jay who is Gabby's age, an older sister Kyra and a a younger sister Rosie.

So, as an impromptu party, I bought some party favors and some items for a couple of pass-the-parcel games and some pizza for the kids to eat. Robert had already made a terrific fire engine cake for Connor's birthday.

Connor was very excited about his birthday and started the day by opening the birthday presents from his family.

Connors 4th Birthday

Connors 4th Birthday1

When his guests arrived, they played some pass-the parcel games.

Connors 4th Birthday2

Connors 4th Birthday2

The sun was out, so the children spent some time playing outside.

Connors 4th Birthday3

Connors 4th Birthday4

Even Connor's little brother Cameron seemed to be enjoying the fun.

Connors 4th Birthday Cameron

Next, everyone ate some pizza.

Connors 4th Birthday5

Connors 4th Birthday6

Then we brought out the fire engine cake.

Fire Engine Birthday Cake16

And we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Connor.

Connors 4th Birthday7

Connors 4th Birthday8

Connors 4th Birthday9

Connors 4th Birthday10

Then it was time for Connor to blow the candles out on his fire engine birthday cake.

Connors 4th Birthday11

Connors 4th Birthday12

He had a wonderful day and, when we were putting him to bed for the night, he said, "I loved my birthday party! When's my next one?"

Happy 4th Birthday, Connor! I love you!

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