Thursday, 8 October 2009

No Training Wheels!

Gabby has not had a bike that fit her for a couple of years now and because of this, she never learned to ride a bike without training wheels. For her recent birthday, her daddy and I bought her a bicycle.

Today, her daddy took her to the park to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. He noticed that she was overly nervous about falling while trying to ride on the pavement, so he told her to ride on the grass. Once on the grass, she took off with no problem at all (except for figuring out how to stop).

As well as learning how to ride her bike without training wheels for the first time, she achieved her 5 meter badge in swimming at school! She is learning new things in leaps and bounds this year!

1 comment:

  1. It's so exciting when they learn to do that. My dad swears I didn't learn to properly do that until I was 11. Coordination is not, apparently, my strong suit.