Saturday, 20 September 2008

Kayla & Her Newspaper Round

Kayla has been doing her newspaper round for almost a year now. Up until this week, she only took one day off when we had to go to London early in the morning to renew our passports.

She came home from work today early and told us she was fired. Her newspaper round was given to someone else. She said that her boss said she was missing days. She insisted she wasn't. I noticed that all she'd been paid was £6, and even having not done today's round, she should have been paid £10 for the other five days this week. She said she was told she didn't work two days and so didn't get paid for them. I asked her several times, even knowing that she left each morning to do those rounds, did she actually show up and do her newspaper rounds every day she was supposed to. She insisted she had. Her dad told her he was going to go and get her money for the days she wasn't paid for. We checked again with her. She insisted that she did work those days.

So, when he got to the store and asked about it, he was shown where the days she hadn't done had been written down, and that she had claimed illness and stomach aches toget out of doing them and the owners wife said she had done those rounds for her those days.

We never made Kayla take on delivering newspapers. It was her idea; she got the job on her own, and it was her choice all along. If she didn't want to do it, all she had to do was say she didn't want to do it anymore. She appeared to love having the extra money she was earning. So why did she lie to us? Why did she leave the house each morning and pretend she was going to work? Why, when she knew we were about to find out, did she continue to lie to us?

Although I am dispapointed in that she acted so negligently towards a commitment she made, it's the lying that I don't understand.

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