Friday, 12 September 2008

Kayla's 14th Birthday!!!

Today is my daughter Kayla's 14th birthday. When she got home from school today, she opened her gifts from Angelica, Gabriella, Isabella, Connor and her dad and me. She also had a gift to open from her friend and neighbor Lauren. She loved all of her gifts. A couple of the clothes her dad and I got her didn't fit, so I will have to exchange those.

Later, we sang "Happy Birthday" to her and had her blow the candles out on her cake. Connor was sitting on her lap at the time. Despite the fact that he had his pacifier in his mouth, he managed to blow out two of her candles while we were singing to her.

Normally, I take lots of photos of the kids at the park for their birthday photos, but today was overcast and raining on and off. If tomorrow is sunnier or drier, I will take her birthday photos tomorrow. I am hoping to see some sunshine tomorrow, at least long enough to take some photos of Kayla.

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