Thursday, 13 November 2008

About To Lose Her First teeth

Gabby woke up today and told me that her tooth was broken in two. I checked and actually, her two middle bottom teeth, which are very close together, are both very, very loose. It looks like my little girl will be losing her first teeth in the next few days!

She can't wait to get money from the tooth fairy!

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  1. Wow what beautiful children you have! I miss my children. I mean they're around, but they're all grown up now.

    Which is okay too, because now I can swear around them. And they're such good friends!

    My middle girl (they're all girls) is currently at Cape Canaveral, having wangled a press pass to report on the Endeavor launch. She's always doing weird things like that.

    So if you're wondering what the empty nest is going to feel like, it can pretty interesting.