Thursday, 13 November 2008

New sicknesses

My 15 year old Angelica has been complaining about a headache for the past four days. I'm beginning to think it might be a migraine, because she's really pale, and she's not eating much. Yesterday, after getting home from school and walking her dog, she went to bed and didn't wake up until we woke her for school this morning. She had a nosebleed a few nights ago, but she gets nosebleeds all the time. She took Ibuprofen for her headache and said it didn't help at all.

I think, if she's still got the headache tonight, I will have to take her to see the doctor in the morning. I feel awful for her.

My 6 year old Gabby's been home for three days with an on and off fever. I might just have to set up a doctor appointment for her too. She was okay yesterday, so I decided she could go back to school today, but then last night, she developed a high fever all over again, complete with crying in her sleep and talking nonsensically.

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