Saturday, 29 November 2008

Pictures Of Our New Little Man

First, a video of Cameron's first moments after birth when he had just begun to open his eyes to the bright flourescent glare of the hospital lights:

And photos of his first moments outside the womb: (You'll need to click each photo to see it in full.)
Becky and Cameron
Cameron first breath
Cameron welcome to world 1
Cameron welcome to world 2
Cameron welcome to world 3
Cameron on Mom
Cameron its too bright
Cameron first sight

With Mommy & Daddy just after birth:
Becky and Cameron
Robert & Cameron

Being weighed (he's a tiny little baby):
Cameron 6lb

With the midwife who delivered him:

Later the same morning while still at the hospital:
Cameron day 1
Cameron day 1 2

Tiny hands:
Cameron day 1 4
Cameron Day 1 5

At home by noon the same day and with his siblings:
Bella and Cameron 1
Bella and Cameron 3
Connor Dad and Cameron 1
Connor and Cameron
Gabby with Cameron 2
Gabby with Cameron 3
Kayla and cameron 1
Kayla with Cameron 1
Angelica and Cameron 2
Angelica and Cameron 1

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and video of our baby boy! I will post the birth story tomorrow.


  1. Oh wow! He's just perfect, Becky!

    When the video stops...It looks like he's smiling! LOL!

    You're looking great too!

    Congratulations again!

  2. Love it! Beautiful, beautiful family girlie! I wanna eat him up.... he's so adorable! Congratulations!

  3. Awww...he's beautiful :D
    Congrats again and take care of yourself (and your New Little Man of course) :D