Sunday, 16 August 2009

Park Festival

We went to a festival at a park near our house. At first, Isabella let the crowds and noise frighten her and wouldn't go anywhere near the center of it all. We had brought a picnic lunch, so we sat just outside the festival area and had lunch. The kids got to try some cotton candy too (called candy floss over here).

After a while, she felt braver, so we entered the festival area. The kids played on a bouncy castle. Connor picked out a car poster for putting on the wall by his bed.

Both Gabriella and Isabella got to have their faces painted while Connor went to play on a nearby playground. They got to choose which designs they wanted painted and even got to choose which colors got used for the designs.

Seven Fields Festival2 16 August 2009
Seven Fields Festival 16 August 2009

Seven Fields Festival4 16 August 2009

Connor got to pretend to drive a real police car.

Overall, they had a lot of fun so it was a day well spent.

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