Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Chicken Pox Strikes Us Again!

My older three children were immunized against chicken pox when they were younger and we lived in the US. As a result, they have never caught it.

A little over a year ago, Connor and Gabby both caught chicken pox. Isabella never did catch it from them. Connor had a really severe case of it.

Well, it's hit us again! Gabby came home from school and went to change out of her school uniform. She then came to show us that she was covered in a rash on her abdomen. A few minutes later, Isabella needed help pulling her tights back up after going potty, and I discovered the same rash all over her hip and upper leg.

Robert took them to the doctor and he confirmed that it did, indeed, look like chicken pox. *sigh*

This means that Gabby will miss being in her school Christmas play which is tomorrow. Isabella (and Connor because there will be no one who can take him) will miss going to the Seedlings (our mother and toddler group) Christmas party on Friday and she will also miss her preschool's Christmas party that is right after it. And both Bella and Gabby will miss being in the church Christmas play this Sunday.

And now I have to be really careful and pray that 11 day old Cameron will not catch the chicken pox too.

I feel like crying.

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  1. Oh that's horrible. It doesn't matter when it happen, but just before the holidays and everything is not a good timing.
    And then of course there's Cameron...babies do tend to have a very good immune system however, so he might not catch it.

    In any case I'll cross everything I've got two of for you and I hope everyone is feeling better soon.