Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

Merry Christmas!

The kids loved all of their presents, and it was a lot of fun today. We got a Wii and Wii Fit, so the kids and Robert played some games, and then Robert and I bowled against each other. I won the first game, and he won the second. We haven't used the Wii Fit yet, but I'm pretty sure we will all be trying it out tomorrow.

Angelica and Kayla both got new mini notebook laptops (powerful ones) that Robert got at a huge discount through his work. He got me a massive laptop. It's powerful and sleek and lovely, but I think it might just be a bit too big for me. It's too heavy to be very portable for me, but I'm not sure if I just need to get used to it or whether I would be better off with something smaller. I adore the gift though, and have been wanting a laptop of my own for ages. It's a terrific gift! It's the AMILO Notebook X1 3650.

Gabby, Bella and Connor got lots of new toys and things and Gabby even got a semi-indestructable digital camera. She spent most of the day photographing things. Isabella got to play with her new princess castle among other things and Connor was thrilled with all of the car and other vehicle-themed toys he got.

Robert got a new watch from me, along with some Arsenal themed gifts and a new digital camera from one of our shops. I bought him this one here: Flip MinoHD The printing on it came out beautifully! I also got him this travel mug: Travel Mug Again, the printing came out perfectly!

Robert cooked our Christmas dinner and it was fabulous and way too filling. Everyone ate more than they needed too and enjoyed every bite.

But it's not the toys and gifts that made the day so much fun. It was spending the day together. No one argued today. We played Wii games together and we played some new board games together. We all spent the day together and it was really enjoyable. I hope we have a lot more days where we can all do things as a family and spend the time in harmony with one another.

Our Christmas tree, complete with gifts under and around it:
Christmas tree & gifts 25 Dec 2008

Christmas stockings:
Christmas stockings 25 Dec 2008

Pictures of the kids with their stockings:
Angelica on Christmas 2008
Gabriella2 Christmas 2008
Isabella2 Christmas 2008
Connor & Daddy Christmas 2008

Angelica on Christmas Day:
Angelica on Christmas1 2008

Kayla on Christmas Day:
Kayla Christmas 2008

Gabriella on Christmas Day:
Gabriella1 Christmas 2008
Gabriella Christmas 2008
Gabriella3 Christmas 2008

Isabella on Christmas Day:
Isabella3 Christmas 2008
Isabella1 Christmas 2008
Isabella Christmas 2008

Connor on Christmas Day:
Connor Christmas 2008

Pictures of Cameron on Christmas Day:
Cameron2 Christmas 2008
Cameron1 Christmas 2008
Cameron Christmas 2008

Gabby & Bella on Christmas Day:
Bella & Gabby Christmas 2008

For Christmas gifts for their daddy, Gabby painted a picture on canvas and I got Gabby, Bella, Connor and Cameron's handprints and footprints onto another canvas.
Artwork by Gabby and younger siblings Christmas 2008

Robert with his Flip MinoHD (still in the box):
Robert Chirstmas Day 2008


  1. Happy Christmas! I'm jealous of the mini laptops!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!


  2. Happy Christmas! I'm jealous of the mini laptops!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!