Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree 2008

Last Sunday (November 30th), the kids decorated the Christmas tree. Our tree is full of ornaments that were homemade by the kids over the years. We try and make new ones each year to add to it. The only store bought ones on the tree are ones that were given to us as gifts. I also have one for each of the kids that I made in my shop.

I took some video of the kids decorating the tree. They all love the tradition, and I like looking back at the video or photos and remembering. Robert put some of the video clips together with music so we could share it with you. Our new little baby Cameron even makes a brief appearance in the video, although he was too young (two days old) to take part in the actual tree decorating.

And yes, we realized that the "Merry Christmas" sign in the window was facing the wrong way and have since corrected it. :)

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  1. That makes me really homesick! but its really lovely to see littles ones putting the tree up excitedly. Thanks for sharing.x.