Wednesday, 10 December 2008

No Christmas Portraits This Year

With Gabby and Bella having chicken pox now, it looks like I will have to cancel having our family portrait done. Which means I won't be sending out our family portrait with Christmas cards this year. I guess it will have to be the card I send out for Valentine's instead. *pout* (I hate it when my plans get derailed.)

Bella missed her preschool portraits. She was at school that day, but they needed a signed form from us which we never got. They sent them out on the day I was in the hospital giving birth, so Bella was not at school that day. And even though Isabella was at school the day before the portraits were done, and Robert dropped her off in the morning the portraits were taken and the school had plenty of opportunity to tell him about the portraits and get him to sign the form, they did not. So she missed out on them. *sigh*

I was going to go and have them done somewhere else and I was annoyed because it will cost me a lot more than if the school had done them, but now it will have to wait too.

The chicken pox spots are not showing on their faces yet, and hopefully they never will, but it's a waiting game to see how bad it will get.

And we found out where they caught chicken pox. When I informed Gabby's school about her having chicken pox, they told me they have had no other cases of it this year. (They will now!) But when I informed Isabella's preschool about her having chicken pox, I was told that a couple of children had been out with it two weeks ago. *sigh*

The girls have been great today, despite Gabby having had to miss out on her school play. We told them they had to stay upstairs today and we set up the laptop in their room to play DVDs for them. When they got bored with that, they pulled out the Twister game and played with it for a while.

Robert went out for a little bit today to fix a friend's computer, and now that he is home, they have coerced him upstairs to play Twister with them. I'm debating sneaking up with the video camera and filming it. It ought to be really funny to watch!

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